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by Triblaze, 328 days ago

We are currently raiding Heroic Hellfire Citadel (HFC)

We have three groups currently running heroic HFC. All raids run 9pm to Midnight.

  • Laihara (Lissiandra) leads the Sunday & Monday raid - Cookie Factory (CF) - Currently 12/13H
  • Räyine leads the Tuesday & Thursday raid - Murderous Marinara (MM) - Currently 13/13H took down Heroic Archie on January 6th, 2016 Congrats Murderous Marinara
  • Darlark currently leads the Wednesday & Friday raid - Mixed Nuts (MN) - Currently 13/13H took down Heroic Archie on March 23, 2016 Congrats Mixed Nuts

Progression requires consistency, therefore raiders are expected to raid on a regular basis and be on time to raids. We are however, flexible for the guild members as we understand Life>WoW and we want to give all our raiders an honest chance to get some game time.  If you will not be able to make the raid, please contact your Raid lead (with as much advance notice as possible) and let them know so they can get a replacement for the night.

Räyine, Titra and Brainsplat are our in-game points of contacts if you have any questions further about raiding.

Loot Rules: 

BoP: MS > OS > Guild Disenchant

BoE: MS > Guild Bank 

Current Raid Recruitment:

  • Sun/Mon Group: Send an in-game message to Laihara for possible additions to this group
  • Tues/Thurs Group:  Send an in-game message to Räyine for possible additions to this group
  • Weds/Fri Group: Send an in-game message to Darlark for possible additions to this group

Required add-on's:

You must have current DBM and Mumble downloaded - Mumble information is located on the Information tab in-game. Another good add-on to get is GTFO.

We have now started a Saturday 9p-11p (possibly extended if group desires) Fun group "Ketching Up with the Mustard" Verbolt/Sporkchops lead this raid. We are raiding Blackrock Foundry.  This raid group is designed for those who need gear, can't make it to the regular raid times, or just want to have some fun.  Signup on the in-game calendar to join the fun. For more information, please talk with Verbolt or Sporkchops

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